International Leadership

Global Leaders’ International program takes the groundwork laid by the Local program on the road. International students are required to participate in all local service, and must reach a 60-hour minimum local service-learning goal in order to join the international trip. After all, service learning is not only necessary or possible on an international scale – it is often most needed in our home communities. For this reason, GL works to draw parallels between the experiences that students have at home with those they will have abroad.

Both local and international service center around the themes of social, environmental, and educational justice. Students are encouraged to find organizations that suit their individual talent and philanthropic ideals, in addition to the GL-sponsored events and opportunities with the partners that GL has fostered over the years. In past years, students have organized everything from natural area clean-ups to drives for canned food, shoes, or clothing for the homeless. Since 2009, GL International has made expansion of its local service-learning program a major goal. With the further development of the Local Leadership program, students now have increased access to local community service needs, and like-minded students.