Just as GL puts the service learning programming in the hands of the students, we also place them at the helm of our fundraising efforts. We believe that working to raise the money needed for projects and scholarships imparts a sense of ownership, self-awareness, and empowerment, while also helping students recognize the true cost – and value – of service. Our expectation is that each student raise above and beyond the program fee, through GL-sponsored fundraising events like the benefit Auction, and the letter writing campaign. This money supports financial for their peers, or directly to the material cost of service work locally or abroad (literal bricks, mortar, books and trees). By understanding that their impact is directly related to their engagement, students feel more personally involved in the service work they do, and are better prepared for understanding the true challenges of meeting community needs in the future.

If a student raises less than their goal, they will not be removed from the program, but adherence is strongly encouraged.  Our dedicated GL staff works to ensure that students have the tools and guidance they need to be successful in their fundraising efforts.

If a student raises more than their goal, GL is able to plant more trees, build more classrooms, or donate more funds to Hermano Pedro. However, those surplus fundraising dollars do not effect the program fee or financial agreement the students’ family has with GL.