Community Partners



Respite Care, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in Larimer County that provides short-term care for children with developmental disabilities, giving respite to parents and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family. Respite Care believes that a child with a disability is a child first and his or her challenges are secondary. With this mission and philosophy in mind, Respite Care strives to create an interactive and safe environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of each individual child. Visit the website for more information at:


Shire Farm Community Supported Agriculture is located in the shireLogoheart of Fort Collins. The property has been handed down throughout the years to those whose goals were to maintain the land as urban open space and cultivate it as a service to the community. Gardener Luke Hall, the former lawn maintenance guy, now owns and operates Shire, using organic growing guidelines and permaculture principles to provide healthy produce to the Fort Collins community. Visit the website for more information at:

Collective roots


Collective Roots is a nonprofit organization founded and based in East Palo Alto, CA. It seeks to promote food justice by engaging youth and communities in garden-based learning and nutrition education to positively impact health. Collective Roots achieves its mission through the innovative integration and implementation of two key program areas: community based programs and school based programs. Visit the website for more information at:

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The Irish and Putnam Elementary tutoring programs were developed by former GL students who were deeply impacted by their experiences working with children during the GL program. Participants are paired with at-risk elementary students, tutoring them in mathematics and reading, while also modeling positive mentor relationships and helping build confidence. The program has been continually expanded since its creation, as participants recognize the growing need for positive role models to children.

menlo atherton



The Menlo-Atherton High School Pride Pals are descended from a once-defunct program pairing students with special needs and abilities with their high school peers. California Global Leaders students recognized that an important service was missing without such a program, and breathed life back into it. Pride Pals creates a safe space for students of all abilities to feel love, companionship, and non-judgmental relationships with their peers.




Other community organizations that GL COCA has partnered with in the past include: