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Through social, educational, and environmental service, Global Leaders empower students to create positive and sustainable change at home and abroad.

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Global Leaders is an independent 501c3 organization that empowers students. We are proud to call two dynamic communities home: Northern Colorado and San Mateo County, California. Our program is unique in its local focus. Our students are able to develop a lifelong ethic of service because they combine local service-learning experiences with international service-learning experiences; they see both of these communities with new eyes.

International Leadership

Global Leaders is working hard to empower the young leaders of today to become change makers in their local communities and abroad. Our students participate in extraordinary educational programs in Central America and Northern Africa, combining Spanish and Twi language study, home stays, and service learning projects. Check out how they are making this happen!

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Whether you're donating in honor of a current student, or supporting the scholarship fund, so we can continue to welcome participants of all backgrounds, every dollar makes a difference! Your support directly impacts these students who would not ordinarily have access to this kind of leadership program, and encourages local youth to continue to give back to their community.


Global Leaders

Mena Delgado


*Global Leaders was formerly known as Global Visionaries

Billy Lopez

*Global Leaders was formerly known as Global Visionaries

-Christian F. (M-AHS)

“I feel like this trip was exactly what I needed in this time of my life. I feel like I needed to become even more cultured than I was and get out of my white-washed neighborhood.”

-Salina B. (PHS)

“The best thing I experienced with GL is the amount of compassion [experienced] and the ability to be disturbed. Before this trip/program I was very naive and unaware about what I was doing to my community and what I needed to do for it.”

-Peter H. (M-AHS)

“I liked how Global Leaders helped me feel like I was part of a larger initiative here in Guatemala.”

-Madeleine H. (M-AHS)

“I was able to broaden my horizon to things I never know existed “

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